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Constitutional Carry
Did anyone know that Kansas and Misery have passed constitutional carry? 
This was a while back, that I recall. But there are some limitations, but no CHP/LTC required in either state.
Lakewood, CO
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Wish CO would get on board. On another note, turns out a lot of Pmag sales in Kansas are to Colorodans. So I was told by gun store owner.
(01-19-2018, 05:41 PM)Lead Junkie Wrote: Wish CO would get on board.

...maybe next election, if CO gets a Republican Governor, it could happen -- and might be the LAST chance to do it may be the LAST CHANCE for "us" to get things done nationally, as Trump has no guarantee of a 2nd term as President.

Plus, repeal CO's stupid (and unenforceable) high-capacity magazine ban...deconstruct everything the Democrap Gov. Hickenlooper did. As for making pot legal, I was and still am against it...but it'll probably stand (as the whole country may be going that way anyway).

Still, repealing the magazine ban would be at least a symbolic victory to "reject" (and correct!) CO's recent anti-gun trend.

Next up -- and all the way to the CO Supreme Court if necessary -- calling Denver unconstitutional for not allowing OC as per CO's State Constitution. Throw Denver's so-called and arrogant "homestead (?) exemption" out the window. While HARDLY ANYONE in CO (the same as most states though) ever OCs, it'd again be a symbolic victory for the CO pro-gun movement...and put a tiny hole in Denver's liberal armor.
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)

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