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US LAW Shield
I have been looking into legal defense for self defense carry. US Law Shield is one I have focused on. But this will cover me only when I have used my gun for self defense in Colorado.

Are there any that cover me 7/24/365 wherever I go in the US?

Thanks for any referrals.

Is what I have...

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Lawshield offers a fairly inexpensive option to upgrade to 50 states plus DC.
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(03-21-2015, 12:00 AM)308 Fan Wrote: Lawshield offers a fairly inexpensive option to upgrade to 50 states plus DC.

I was about to "correct" this, because US Law Shield was definitely NOT in all 50 states last time I checked before today.

Apparently that's changed. I looked at this about three months ago, and it listed about 38 or 40 states. Now, both the front page and the contract both read "all 50 states plus D.C.". The cost is an extra $2.95/mo or $35.40/year, depending on how you're paying.
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Frontsight, which has a membership of several hundred thousand gun owners, recommends LegalShield as their legal service for all 50 states.  It includes basic legal services, like document review, POAs, wills, etc, and identity theft monitoring and restoral (not usually included in identity theft programs).  If you're a CHP holder, your personal info is maintained and "protected" by state and local government agencies, with questionable security, so identity theft coverage is something you should include in addition to criminal/civil coverage.  For example, I had a credit card hacked from the Colorado Secretary of State's business registration database and sold to gamers in Hong Kong.

They assign you to a law firm in Colorado, and if you need a lawyer somewhere else, the 800 number connects you directly.  If you are involved in a shooting, they claim to connect you to a lawyer immediately with a special number for that purpose.
Ask any legal services plan how many actual cases they've tried and won in your jurisdiction and whether the attorney they assigned you is that same attorney. Buyer beware.
(03-20-2015, 07:57 PM)O2HeN2 Wrote:

Is what I have...


I do too. It's run by top names in the business including Marty Hayes and Massad Ayoob. They have a fund you can draw on and a network of lawyers around the country.
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